Are you photographer - Fotografias con Objetivo

Are you a professional or amateur photographer, do you think you could lend us a hand with our project?

If so do not hesitate to contact us through:

As you know our goal is to help others through photography. We know that there are many images on the web that can contribute more than they contribute, give you the value they deserve through this site.

We believe that there are works on the network some work with some levels that do not contribute, and I apologize for this, but that likes and likes but there is much more than that behind those images, there is effort, there is work, there is investment, there is study, There is creativity and that can not always be mentions or simple likes, they have to give much more value than that. I know we are many, but those images can not be left alone, or at least we must try.

In we want to give or offer those images that you yourselves consider as something super exclusive as something unique. Remember that this site does not want to earn profits, we only want the part of the cost of the site and other efforts to be self-financed with part of the sale, but we are not looking for any benefit.

For each sale of these photographs the distribution will be as follows:

Smugmug, which is the platform we have chosen, requires 15% for each sale of photography, this platform I think is very good and I fully understand that percentage, then the photographers would have 55% (this is the maximum, if they want it to be less everything What reduce will take to the part of the chimeras), the minimum QUIMERAS will be 20% and for the self-financing and management of the web will be 10%.

This is how our project is going to work, we need you, to try to get out of those works of arts that deserve more than likes. If you decide to join us we will create your space ( look ) with all your information to your web, your email, your social networks and others so that everyone knows you and knows that you collaborate in our project, at the same time we are going to créate your gallery in which upload one photography is sufficient ( look the galleries ) for your part you will have some obligation and will be to publish at least one photo per year, a photo that you consider contains what this site requires to get as far as possible. I you offer one exclusive this will be amazing for us. Economically you will not have anything to contribute only your work and your confidence in this project, remember that the more we are better, as they say many few do a lot!

Help us to make the impossible possible! One photo is enough!

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