PresentacionEN - Fotografias con Objetivo

Fotografias con objetivo is a website dedicated to the compilation and sale of photographs of authors from all over the world with a common goal.

Through the sale and exhibition of the photographs that professionals and amateurs of the world decide to give us, we will raise the necessary funds to finance what we have called QUIMERAS. What is a chimera ?, a QUIMERA is a dream or illusion that is a product of the imagination and that is longed or pursued despite being very unlikely to be realized. Our QUIMERAS are essentially social. In short, they will be projects that will help improve the situation of a person or groups of people through photography.

If you were told as a professional or amateur photographer, if we sell your photograph, the budget obtained from the sale is intended to lend a hand to others, would you offer us your exclusive photographs for sale on this site? Or if as an individual person you are told, if you want an image for your web, your living room, your office if you get it on our site besides obtaining a great work you will be dedicating the amount obtained by the purchase of the work to lend a hand to others Would you get it from our site?


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