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I decided to start participating in selected contests since the end of 2014, having won:

- TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) Trophy Award - Third Prize (2000 eur). Part of one of the world's largest photo contests

- Trierenberg Super Circuit 2015 - http://www.tipa.com/tipa-news-it/1-results-of-the-tipa- photo-trophy-discover-the-world-open-y-our-eyes-to-the-beauty-of-planet- earth - 16 images selected for exhibition at the four Salons of the Trierenberg Super Circuit Contest

- Contrast 2015 Photo Club Infinity Contest - Honourable Mention by the Photographic Society of America - Nature category - Fstoppers Volume 5 2015 contest - Grand Jury Winner - "Slow Landscapes Competition" - Photography Week Magazine - First place - "Landscapes 101 Contest" - Digital Photography School - First prize among 26.000 submissions

More information about José here: https://www.joseramos.com/about/



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