Quimeras Activas EN - Fotografias con Objetivo

First of all we have to say that our first objective is the attainment of "QUIMERA" therefore we are obliged to know the definition of QUIMERA: Dream or illusion that is product of the imagination and that is longed for or pursued despite being very unlikely to be Perform. This is our goal, to get things that in principle are not easy to get. We want to help others through the sale of photographs and see if the images can actually have even more power.

QUIMERA is a Spanish word and we are going to keep this for all the team and thus centralize the word. This Word in english is chimera, in German is Chimäre, in Italian is chimera, in French is chimère and Portuguese is quimera. Is more or less the same in all the languajes but we are going to centralize in QUIMERA.

The QUIMERAS on which we are working are the following. These will be executed in order as we get the budgets to comply.

1.- Creation of cinema for children with cancer. ( for the moment it is an example, we are working actually in find the correct QUIMERA for work on it ).

Budget required: € 2,500

Budget achieved: € 500 (updated on 01.02.2017)

Pending: 2000 €

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